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History has been around all of us our entire lives. I so happen to have acknowledged that at a very young. It was not just about me being good at memorizing personas, ideologies, battles, or even geography but it is deeper. It has supplemented those of us with an understanding of current events and our origins. In our world people believe everything that is spewed out in academia, mainstream media and Hollywood. History has ommitted inconvenient truths and lies in the name of political correctness. It has been weaponized to even cause hatred of self and of the nation state.

So long as there is profit in war, the world will never know peace. It is hard to determine who was responsible for that quote but on here it is paraphrased. That statement is true but war is not about guns, chemicals or tanks. It is also historical.

An important historical text of the 20th century titled Merchants of Death by Frank Hanighen and H.C. Engelbrecht demonstrate how very much involved the arms industry was involved in WWI. When the United States entered the conflict it was said that it had been due to Wilsonian Idealism, named after Woodrow Wilson, and his making of the world ‘safe for democracy’. At the cost of 50,000 American lives, the undermining of civil liberties during the conflict and the creation of the FBI it was later revealed that corporations and bankers were behind the United States’s entry into the conflict. When I enrolled in an introductory American history course, the same lies I learned in public school were being taught again at the college level. Imagine college students absorbing that misinformation and nodding their heads like a compliant bobble head without the use of critical thinking skills.

Here at Legacy of Moses we want to change all of that. Our mission is to publish historical articles regardless of topic. Even the name of the website is already unique. How can a biblical figure who was known for freeing the Hebrews be seen as a Historian? What is his legacy apart from Mosaic Law? That article is in the works as we speak. To challenge and consider Moses, not Herodotus, as the father of history is different and provocative as is the content of this website.



Maria Santana,

Aspiring Historian and Faux Journalist

Bachelor of Arts Degree in History, Hunter College in New York City, Earned Summer 2017


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