A Brief History of American-Afghani Diplomatic Relations of the 20th century

This article aims to discuss American and Afghani diplomatic relations that started in the 20th century officially. Although in the 19th century there was a documented American visitor who went to Afghanistan and became known as the Prince of Ghor, a Quaker named Josiah Harlan. Could he with his fame upon returning from the East in 1842 cause there to be a fascination and an interest in Afghanistan? Afghanistan played an important role during the Cold War era and the White House has welcomed representatives and the royal officials of Afghanistan over the years. There was such a time as diplomacy between the two countries before the September 11 terror attacks.

They Live 1988, CIA Operation Mockingbird and the Information Battlespace

John Carpenter's They Live touched on a lot of significant topics at the time of its release. However, after thirty years since its release it is still a relevant film because the role of information in spreading propaganda is an even larger problem now. Especially with involvement by the corporate owned media and CIA influence.

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